Cultural Heritage Tour

11 days

May, 2023

Volta, Ghana

Togoville, Togo

This program is designed for the African diaspora interested in exploring their roots, as well as students who want to dig deeper into the history and culture of Ghana and Togo. This program explores the Volta Region of Ghana and visit two UNESCO World Heritage slave castles. The programm will also visit Togoville, Togo. This part of Togo is the country in miniature, rich by its entrenchment in local traditions and folklore. The town, small as it is, is the birthplace of the entire country. Participants will benefit from a first-hand account of Togo’s colonial history through a visit to the palace of King Mlapa who signed the treaty of protectorate with the German envoy, and by meeting the descendants of the former. Participants will also visit the German cathedral, built when Germany colonized Togo.