Global Service-Learning That Meets the Needs of Your Faculty and Students

Late May-Early June, 2023

Ghana and Togo

The Give Right Foundation’s Global Service-Learning Model provides faculty and students with the opportunity to participate in an organized community service that addresses local needs, while developing their academic skills, sense of civic responsibility, cultural competency, and commitment to the community abroad.

What is The Give Right Foundation Global Service-Learning Approach?

2 to 3 weeks of a Service-Learning project abroad in the middle of a summer course.

  • Pre-departure preparation at home University (Training of students that have the knowledge, awareness, and flexibility to be prepared, culturally sensitive, safe, and healthy).
  • Service -Learning project abroad (Service and study, discussion and reflections on specific cultural experience or activity).
  • Period of study at home University (Debriefing and Reflection).


Pre-departure Preparation Phase

Using technologies and The Give Right Foundation’s network of relationships, students will meet with leaders from diverse organizations throughout the host country. Key areas to be covered include the local economy, history, educational system, and business practices. Students could engage with communities via live virtual tours, collaborative discussions with local students, cooking lessons, and language survival workshops. Much of the pre-departure preparation will occur online with students working on their own or in collaboration with community partners. 


Service-Learning Project/Course Abroad Phase
In addition to the pre-departure preparation at home University, The Give Right Foundation offers the following supports:

  • Destination study
  • Assistance with academic program and curriculum design
  • Itinerary and logistics development
  • Accommodations and lodging
  • Information on visa application process and procedures
  • Coordination of all program elements: airport pick-up, lectures, classroom rental, guest speakers, workshops, reflection meetings, site visits, cultural immersion, research project, service-learning projects, risk management and 24/7 health & safety support
  • Customized internships and undergraduate research placements
  • Collaboration with faculty directors deferring to the home University’s policies regarding standards of behavior, harassment, alcohol use, etc. to ensure consistency and coherence

Debriefing at Home University Phase

The Give Right Foundation assists with planning and facilitating a debriefing /reflection meeting in the Fall semester. This will give students the opportunity to share stories and program feedback.

Who are the members of The Give Right Foundation Global Service-Learning Team?

The members of The Give Right Foundation Global Service-Learning Team teach and learn with U.S. students. They fully participate in each element of the course, giving students first-hand access to The Give Right Foundation projects and their constituents and providing invaluable, real-time cross-cultural insights and experience. The team is composed of:

Jean-Paul Sewavi, Co-Founder, The Give Right Foundation

Jean-Paul Sewavi came to Michigan State University (MSU) from the University of Dayton where he worked as the Programs Manager for Education Abroad for several years. Prior to joining the University of Dayton, he served as a study abroad advisor at the State University of New York at New Paltz (SUNY –New Paltz) for over four years where he developed expertise in planning and managing study abroad and exchange programs. Jean-Paul’s primary responsibility at MSU is the administration of education abroad programs offered through the College of Engineering, the College of Natural Science, and  the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, as well as serving as liaison with the Center for Community-Engaged Learning and initiatives related to community engagement abroad.

With over 20 years of experience in education abroad program management, Jean-Paul brings invaluable experience and expertise in managing faculty-directed study abroad and global service-learning programs. Jean-Paul holds a Master’s degree in Multicultural and International Management from the School for International Training, and he has extensive experience working and living in Africa.

Stella Kudah, Consultant

Stella Kudah is the Country Representative of Friends of Adaklu (Ghana-based not for profit organization). For the past 5 years she has been responsible for the implementation and supervision of all programs and projects in Ghana.  Her successes can be seen in over 9 projects and programs of Friends of Adaklu in 7 communities, of which 150 women, girls were empowered. From social entrepreneurship, education, agriculture and health, the indirect beneficiaries are 2500 and counting.  As a professional teacher for the past 12 years and currently the Headmistress of Adaklu Geofe District Assemble Junior High School, where she supervised, evaluated, and implemented all Ghana Education Service Policies and submitted updates to the appropriate authorities. She also continues to host international volunteers from France and Canada.  Stella was also a participant at the 2019 International Symposium on Global Community-Engaged Learning organized by Michigan State University in collaboration with Adanu in Ghana.

Robert Tornu, Consultant

As the Programs and Policy Advisor of Friends of Adaklu, Robert brings 20+ years’ experience in coordinating, managing, and monitoring Local and International volunteers on community programs. Through academics and experience he brings with him that much needed balance between Global North and Global South. Empowering over 50000+ individuals both direct and indirectly from 80 communities is a true testament of Roberts excellent networking and relationship building abilities.  He also has knowledge in international development that enables him to design and implement sustainable programs in Health, Education, Agriculture and Social Entrepreneurship. In addition, he is an experienced Policy Advisor with soft skills such as active listening, attention to details, teamwork, effective communication, community, and stakeholders’ engagement. This has successfully led him to transform lives and communities.

Program Costs

The program price per participant is currently ranging between $2, 800 – $3,000/student for three weeks (includes program coordination/administration, housing, transportation, breakfast, lunches, and dinners, guest lectures, site visits, activities, excursions, pre-departure preparation and reentry programs).

Prices are subject to change based on the number of participants enrolled and the program duration on-site.

Sample Itinerary

This program itinerary was developed in collaboration with Dr. Allison Skinner from the University of Georgia, USA who led a faculty-directed study abroad program to Togo (West Africa) in Summer 2022.

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